#TBReview et #Giveaway Mara Cruiz Organic Haircare

A few weeks ago, I got some hair products from Mara Cruiz Organics. We even did a giveaway and there's another to come today!
I wanted to however do a quick show and tell of each product in the package I got (and will be giving out).

I have left my hair as is for quite a bit now and love using products best for it. My usual routine is for busy days, some hair cream and brushing the edges. When I have a little more time, I mosturise more thoroughly.
At the weekends, I tend to shampoo (not every weekend as you should never wash your hair more than it needs), condition, cream and mosturise.

Here is where Mara Cruiz comes in handy. The range of products is so varied that there is something for every time frame. Five minutes? Use the hair cream. Bit of time? Use the hair mayonnaise (or growth oil) and hair cream. And of course on a 'spoil your hair day', use them all.

The products come in mainly see-through clear plastic bottles (apart from the cream and mayonnaise). I'd have preferred neater packaging with a different font and branding to make it more attractive.

Mosturising Natural Shampoo
This has a really good smell, probably because of the black soap, and I love it. It also contains olive oil which is a plus for me.

Nourishing Rinse-Out Conditioner
Easy to apply and contains coconut oil (another plus!).

Mosturizing Leave-In Conditioner
Another one that is easy to apply and as suggests, quicker to use since it is leave in.

Hair Mayonnaise
I haven't really used this one, first because I tend to forget, and secondly because having to leave in for twenty minutes before rinsing out needs more scheduling than I can handle.
It will however be great for those of you with really tough hair.

Hair Growth Stimulator Oil
This is my favourite. First because oils are generally my favourite, be they for hair or body, but also because anything that stimulates growth gets a pass!
It can be sprayed unto your hand or directly into the hair which also makes it convenient and easy to apply, and is infused with loads of great herbs like Rosemary and Sage. Lastly, it's easy to carry which means it will be easy to pack!

Mosturising Hair Cream
Thick and easy to apply, it may however be too powerful for some noses.

In conclusion, the Mara Cruiz Organics range is broad and therefore provides something for everyone and every schedule. My favourite is still the oil but I would recommend each item for different needs.

If you would like to win some #MaraCruiz products, head on over to My Instagram Page and mention your name, location  and preferred product.

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