Review: An 'Empire' of 'Lethal Weapon' television

If you stayed up to watch the Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, please do tell me who you thought won.

But I'm focusing on fiction even though non fiction is sometimes the best.

Last weekend I was able to catch the first episodes of Empire (returning for Season 3) and Lethal Weapon (season premiere).

So what did I think?


Jamal is so sexy... (Great way to start. Lol).

We find out who died from last season's cliffhanger, got a lot of drama (Jamal suffering from PTSD, new baby and Hakeem needs to find his ginger) and of course it ended with an exciting climax.
I'm trying not to give spoilers which is why I am being cryptic but overall, i thought the music was grown and sexy, the acting was really good and the season will progress really well.

(Hakeem stays a brat though. Bleh.)

'Lethal Weapon'

If you have seen the original movie, you may be one of those who hates reboots. But if you haven't seen it, then good news for you, you have nothing to compare it to.

'Lethal Weapon' tells the story of a crazy younger cop (Clayne Crawford) paired with an older more careful one (Damon Wayans). Crazy cop just lost his wife so really wants to die but can't kill himself so of course he chooses to be reckless on the job instead. Older cop on the other hand has a wife, two teenagers and a new baby so he's not trying to die anytime soon.

The mismatched pairing is a cliche (one created in part by the original movie by the same name) so 'Lethal Weapon' can't depend on that natural humour and has to stand out in a sea of really good cop shows like 'Blue Bloods' and 'Chicago PD'.

Will it last? I don't know. BUT! Whatever happens, bringing Clayne Crawford to a bigger audience is its biggest blessing. He was the star of the episode and I loooooove him.

Should you watch it?
Of course!

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