#Life101 Would you go for "The Next Best Thing"

p.s, i wrote this article a few years ago

You know how you wake up one morning and just KNOW what you want for lunch and so you spend the whole morning waiting for lunch break and thinking of that food and then it's  lunch break and u go to the restaurant excitedly, wait on the queue and once its your turn, u order excitedly, "two wraps of pounded yam,some egusi soup and catfish!" but then the waitress says, "sorry oga, we no get catfish o".
If you could you would refuse to eat and wait till there was catfish or go somewhere else  but you have a report to submit so honestly, what can you do but settle for, the next best thing?

Is that how love goes for you?

When growing up, you have an idea of how you want your perfect partner to be; most of these ideas shaped by all those books we read and movies we saw. The reality however does not match. Maybe you meet the perfect person 'but'. But she is igbo and you are hausa. but he is short. but she is not as educated as you would like. but he has a girlfriend.

The 'buts' are endless.

So what do you do?

Society is pressurising you to get married or you will end up at 'Shiloh' (as they like to threaten). Your parents are no longer hinting. It is plain. They want grandchildren. You are a guest at every bridal shower, then baby showers and anniversaries.

At some point, you may think that hey, if you cannot be with the one you love, why not be with the Next Best Thing?

What do you think? Hold out for as long as it takes or go for the next best thing? Let me know what you think below. In the meantime, i wrote a little poem back in school.

"No such thing
as the next best thing
No such 'one'
as 'almost the one'
If i can't give my heart to you
I might as well keep my heart with me!"

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