TravelThursday; My Travel Pet Peeves

I love travelling, i love talking about travelling, and i love pictures and my travel experiences.
BUT! With all of this, there are still some things i do not like about travelling. A few of these make part one of my 'Travel Pet Peeves".

- The processes

Where is my passport? Yellow fever card? Travel insurance? bla la la!
When you travel you have to ensure a lot of things are in place because who wants their holiday ruined because they forgot some process?
And let's not forget how owning a green passport makes things a bit more complicated with visa appointments...

- Packing

Why can't i either just buy every single thing i need where i go to, or have a fairy that helps me pack?
First i have to pack here, with things i need, but enough space for what i want to bring back. And i hate all that folding up and fitting things into boxes that comes with packing!

- Unpacking

Because apparently, everything packed must be unpacked.

- The journey

I do not know about you but i am not aa fan of any mode of transportation that lasts longer than say one hour.
I can barely sit still in traffic so road trips can start off fine but by the second hour i am bored, need to pee and uncomfortable. Then there is all that sea or air sickness, cramped legs, headaches and everything that comes with it.

- Coming back

Self explanatory.

What are your Travel Pet Peeves?

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