Samuel Eto'o's Beautiful White Wedding After 9 Years.

When i first saw that headline yesterday, i was sure it was a joke, because i knew Samuel Eto'o, the star Cameroon footballer had been married a while. But guess what? Samuel Eto'o and Georgette Tra Lou have been married since 2007, they have two beautiful girls together Siena and Lynn Eto'o.
So full gist:
Apparently, Eto'o and Georgette decided after nine years to have a white wedding and from the pictures i will be sharing, it was beautiful.
This white wedding of the former Barcelona and Chelsea striker, took place in a church at Stezzano, 25 miles northeast of Milan, Italy on the 14th of June, 2016, just yesterday.
The ex-Cameroon star got married in Stezzano
Eto'o who is now 35, was dressed in a beautiful grey three piece suit and and black tie, a cream rose pinned to his lapel and get this: He drove himself to the church in a vintage Fiat car. How is that for fairy tale! His beautiful wife Georgette arrived in a separate vintage Mercedes Excalibur.
According to reports, Eto'o and Georgette have  been married since 2007 but were yet to hold a white wedding

Former Barcelona Captain and teammate Carles Puyol was in attendance with his wife to support his friend.

Apparently, he was fulfilling his wife's dream of a fairy tale white wedding, nine years after and he pulled all stops to give her everything. Well the money certainly helped, as a huge crowd turned up at the church steps to watch the celebrity couple.

After 9 years and two children, can i still say happy married life? Well, i can say i wish them more beautiful years to come.

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