Throwback post... "The Bone of the Matter"

(This post was first written in 2014)

I am here in the hospital waiting for my turn to see the doctor and just watching as different people walk in. Well, more like, limp, hop and roll in.


My hospital takes care of people like me who have hurt their bones one way or the other. I hurt mine by falling and cracking a bone in the hip and as I sit, I wonder how all these other people hurt theirs.
Who here was in a car accident? Who was pushed? Who got into a fight?
We don't talk other than to nod and say hello as we do the shuffle.
The shuffle is get in, get your card, see the nurse, do an x-ray, see the doctor, get your drugs, go home.
The shuffle is slow as each person either has crutches, or a wheel chair.

It's crazy how hurting yourself can change your perspective and indeed, your life.
I was away from the radio for seven weeks and even lost a gig. That gig pained me sha. I was supposed to have hosted an event and the client saw me and thought, nah, don't want her again.

BUT, the support has been great. My boss said take the time you need. My partner became a rock. My sister, mother, cousin and family took turns taking care of me. Fans of the show kept missing me and wishing me well via every social media platform known to man and my friends like Lamide Akintobi have just put smiles on my face.

I'm blessed and thankful.

I cried a lot during the first few weeks because if you know me, you know I love to move and work and walk and jump and dance.
I felt cut off from so much and panicked. The Nigerian society pities more than it supports. I also understand a bit of what life is like for people with disabilities. Most places don't have facilities for them to use and it is expensive.
But I am grateful and thankful and more in love today than ever before.

So I write this while waiting to see the doctor.
And highly favoured!!!

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