#SkincareSaturday How to deal with Reptilian Skin

Hi all.

Ever taken a picture and just wanted to photoshop yourself out of it because you look so ashy? Or perhaps you just feel bad and dry throughout the day and can't wait to get back home?

Me tooooo! So today's Skincare post is all about helping you tackle something I have to deal with regularly- dry skin.

There's dry, and then there's DRY. Some days my skin is so dry i can see scales. Lol.
We are born with the skin we have- oily, dry, normal, combination etc but there's no law against finding out ways to enjoy the good and run away from the bad!

So what should you do about your skin?

- Mosturise
I might as well walk around with a t shirt that says 'mosturise' because I mention it so much but it goes a long way. It's not just mosturising though, it's when and with what.
If you have dry skin, use oils, petroleum jelly and ointments.
Also, use these immediately after getting in contact with water. So for example, when you take a bath, don't wait around before using your cream, do it immediately.
Pat not rub vigorously when trying to dry. Water isn't bad for you so even though you should dry yourself when you wash your hands or come out of the shower/pool/sea, dab.

- Don't leave home without it!
Keep a hand cream (or more) in your bag for use during the day because the truth is, you may wash your hands or just need to re-apply as the day goes on.

- 'Shine your eye'
Just my way of asking you to get to know yourself.
At this point in my life, I know which creams smell good but can't do anything for me. I can feel when I need to touch up on problem areas. And o, I know my problem areas- feet, knees and elbows and of course, exposed areas.
- Don't neglect the night!
The night time, is the right time to heal! There's so much you can do for your body and skin while you sleep, and a lot of it is cheap.
Please ensure you apply jelly or oil on your face and body at night before you sleep.
It really does help!
- Drink it!
Dry skin is worsened by dehydration so don't just use it, drink it!
Drink water and other healthy drinks during the day to help your body and skin.
I hope these tips help you. Please do let me know if you have some more, and if these help.

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