Healthy Eating: My Daily Plan

So I once wanted a flatter stomach. This was a few years ago.
No I still don't have one.

But because I did not want to diet nor work out, I decided I'd eat better. Emphasis on eat. I'm still drinking every fizzy sugary drink man makes... And some wine. Blame the French.

So I started this thing where I would take tea in the morning (at 5am), eat a biiiig meal at 12pm, drink tea at 4pm and then dinner at 6pm.

While my stomach still looks like a football, I noticed three things

- I dropped one or two clothe sizes
- I generally felt better
- my skin loves me!

Lately though, I have started getting really hungry between 3 and 4pm. The danger with that is if I snack, then I think I'm full, but then I get hungry at 7 or 8pm. And that means eating too close to bed time.

A solution is to enjoy something healthy. Now I do fruits just before my tea if the hunger is really bad and it helps. Today, thanks to "Healthy and Natural" , I had a salad. It was delish.

Sipping my tea as I send this in and thankful for little things.

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