Fashion Cinderella: A Week of Dresses

If i had a kobo for everytime someone stared when i wear a dress, i would have a condo in Lekki by now. I wear jeans and shorts and jeans so much that Tosyn in a dress is like Christmas.

But, i dug up some of my favourite dresses and rocked them this week. Mostly short (because, legs), but also long, mostly with flats (because, comfort) but one day with wedges but mainly ladylike.

So if you are new to this 'dress life', what are some things to focus on?

My Tips:

Comfort, Style, Fit, and You!
Comfort is the little things like if you can breathe and walk in these dresses people. Of course, if you are going to work, it would be nice to breathe,  If you are going to a party, breathing is optional!

For style, that is a given, Whether simple or complicated, your dress should be stylish, Watch out for dresses with unusual cuts or patterns to separate you from everyone else wearing a dress

Your dress should fit you. Like a glove if it is a date, or at least, like you own it and the tailor had enough fabric, if it is day wear.

And as for 'You', style your dress your way. Stars like Rihanna have been known to wear sneakers with their dresses (i mean, Avril Lavigne wore sneakers with a dress to an award event), while others pair their dresses with heels all the time.
Your dress can be girly or classic, sporty or goth.. find your style and let it shine!

So here is what i wore:
Start with the dress and let it inspire you!

Maxi dresses add pizzaz to your look

Stay comfy!

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